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Visas To Poland

Our Company will help you obtain the visa to Poland based on the interest or the purpose of your visit or stay in poland. Since the new laws has been introduced to Poland, it has been made compulsary for some documents to stay or work In poland   legally.

Since July 11, 2017, the European Union has adopted a law on the liberalization of the visa regime for Ukraine. A similar law was also adopted for Georgia . The time for These since Laws enacted a Were, a lot of information to false WAS , issued by firms Lithuania That Were looking for a way to the make money on IT. The this for, the firm Our Apatris Wants you to clarify That for These and advertisers Select Similar Laws sinking concern only the liberalization of the visa Regime. This is by no means a visa- free regime. If a foreigner wants to work in Poland , he will also have to obtain work permits, even if he is a citizen of the country where the visa was liberalized. All except for tourist and business affairs will require a visa to Poland. ApatrisYou are offered assistance in preparing all the necessary documents for obtaining visas. Also, if you have already moved to Poland on the basis of new visa laws, our specialists will also help you to consider options to further legalize your stay in Poland.

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