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Deportation is a word that every foreigner is afraid to hear, and most afraid of getting. For many, deportation means the end of their arrival in Poland. The situation is clearly complicated, but there is always a way out. Helping foreigners to solve this problem is the specialty of our firm. Specialists of Apatris have been studying this issue for a long time, and they know all the possible options. Contacting us will be the best of your decision, and you will immediately understand this during the consultation.

In Poland, there are different types of deportations and different reasons why an alien is deported from Poland. The two most basic cases due to which they receive deportation are:

  • Arrival in Poland without Visa or document"Illegal Arrival"
  • When applying for the residence permit, receiving a letter"Zawiadomienia o wniosku bez rozpoznania."



    1)Illegal  Arrival

    The first reason is quite similar. If a foreigner is on the territory of Poland without documents curing his legal stay, then with any verification of documents, the alien will be deported. At the same time, it is necessary to consider how a foreigner receives deportation itself. Different cases lead to different results. If you are arriving at the moment in Poland without documents, then do not be afraid, and the best solution will immediately contact our company. Each case is unique, and there will always be exits, as our firm will be able to help you in such a difficult situation. If you have already been deported, it is still not lost. If possible, come to our office. If there is no such possibility, send your scanned documents to us at the post office, and describe your situation to us. Our specialists will contact you immediately after full verification of 


    2) When Applying for Residence Permit

    The second reason why foreigners are deported is when they apply for a residence permit. When submitting documents there is a law on formal documents (documents without which the process on a residence permit does not start to be considered). If these documents are not present when filing, the voivode gives them 7 days to deliver them. If these documents are notified by a foreigner later than the deadline, the voivode very often will not further investigate the case, and the inspector will send a letter under the title "Zawiadomienia o wniosku bez rozpoznania." This means that the applications for residence permits were not accepted at all. If you receive such a letter when you have already completed a legal stay (card or visa) in Poland, unfortunately you are illegally. Most foreigners file documents in the last days of their legal stay, and this situation often arises. As it was written, each case is unique. If you received such a letter, then immediately write to us for advice after you send us the documents by e-mail. In consultation, our specialists explain to you all the potential options regarding your arrival in Poland.


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