If you have  applied for the residence permit in Poland then it is your worst fear that you will get a negative decision.If that is your case, then dont Panic. Hopefully you will get the positive decison but In case you get the negative decision then Dont worry at all. There is always a second chance  to over-come the reason behind the refusal.Our specialist will make sure that you will be fully ready once again for your reappeal  with all the documents.

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One of the worst of documents which can get a foreigner with the Department of legalization in Poland – is the refusal of a residence permit in Poland. Failure may be due to some reasons, but the main thing in this case, do not panic and immediately contact us. In many cases the date of receipt of the refusal is given 14 days to write an appeal. But, keep in mind that each case is unique and also every failure will also be unique. About all the details you can contact our specialists. some of the best specialists in the process of appeal against negative decisions are in our company. The main thing to consider timing, and how to quickly turn to our firm. Options for how to return the case back and be done with this positive decision is always there, and as soon as our specialists will get acquainted with the full thing, you will get immediately information on the next steps to success.

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