Our company will help you in the creation and sale of businesses on the territory of Poland. We appeal to those entrepreneurs who want to register an existing company. Maintenance and operation of these companies. We strive to help you in this task, by withdrawing from your duties.

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Firm Apatris offers insurance for any period that you will need. Our insurance is valid throughout Poland, and is suitable for any filing of documents that concern legalization in Poland. Insurance is required for almost all residence permit processes, as well as for visas to Poland. There is also a variant of insurance policies valid throughout Europe, home insurance, car insurance, etc. If you need insurance, then send us an e-mail scan of your passport, address of residence, type of insurance, and the period for which you will need insurance. In the course of the day you will receive information about the cost. Once you confirm, within a couple of days your insurance will be ready, and you can pick it up in our office.